"I believe in Nashville" - DCXV

 Hanging out at the newest addition to Lower Broadway "Acme Feed & Seed".  For sure my new favorite place downtown Nashville!
 Had to stop in my former place of work Peter Nappi and drool over all the new goodies!
 I spent a lot of my time at Barista Parlor when I lived in Nashville. I enjoyed my favorite mast brothers mocha with a macaroon! It was such a gorgeous day out!!
 So in love with HERO in 12 South. It truly is one of the most flawless boutiques I have ever been in.
 I can't go to 12 South without swinging by Imogene + Willie.  I want to live there
All I ever want to eat for the rest of my life is Mas Tacos Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Goodness gracious it's delicious. 
And of course we hit up the honky tonks. 

Until next time Nashville...

xx Cheers