Falling Whistle

I'm back!!! I finally found the time during the holidays to shoot a style post and I am especially excited to share this one.  Hung around my neck nestled under a furry jacket and layered with spikes is my Falling Whistle.  This whistle isn't an ordinary one, this is a whistle that is a campaign for peace in Congo.  
Falling Whistles all started when Sean traveled to Congo to learn more about the war that was unfolding and child soldiers.  While there he was told the story that the boys who were too small to carry a gun were armed with only a whistle.  
But that is just the beginning for Falling Whistles.  
They are now launching their latest task, Project: Internet.
This campaign is designed to help entrepreneur Innocent Misabiro build a chain of internet cafes in Eastern Congo.  His first cafe has successfully been opened last spring and now it is time for number two! These internet cafes are a hub for learning, culture and entrepreneurship.

You can learn more and buy a whistle or donate at http://www.fallingwhistles.com/  

What I'm Wearing//
Necklace// Falling Whistle c/o
Spike Necklace// Rocksbox c/o
Pants// old, H&M

xx Cheers