Shop My Favorites!

I have turned into a big online shopper! YIKES! I never really liked to shop online before since I prefer to try on and have instant gratification by being able to wear what I got ASAP. But more recently I have really been relying on online boutiques to get fun pieces! Here are some of my favorite picks that are either on their way to my doorstep or sitting in my shopping cart until my next paycheck!

1.  The Courtney Bib from BaubleBar, get it HERE
2. The new "it" street style shoe, get it HERE
3. Perfect ASOS dress for festival season! Get it HERE
4. Love the fringe, get it HERE
5. Make memories! Get it HERE
6. Loving these BaubleBar ear jackets, get them HERE
7. My all time favorite lip me, get it HERE

xx Cheers