Moving is always quite the adventure.  It’s stressful but also a clean, fresh start.  I recently moved into my own apartment and although it has it’s challenges, I am loving decorating.  I wanted my space to feel calm and welcoming but also fun and exciting. Luckily my apartment started with crisp white walls and huge windows. The best part of a new space to live is you can re invent your style and switch it up.   

Most of my furnishings came pretty easy but once it came to artwork I was stumped. I had my basic furnishings but I needed some exciting art to really tie it all in together.  Things were either so expensive, super delayed or simply not my style. That’s until I found Desenio. Not only did I love the pieces but they have a wide variety of different styles so  it was fun to sift through their website and decide which vibe fit my space best. 

Right off the start I knew this was in my price range.  I also love to make life easy, especially during the stresses of moving.  With Desenio you can add on you frames which makes the whole process seamless.  I can’t tell you how many times I have ordered prints to then never either get around to getting a frame or not finding a correct size.  For my bedroom I went with the white frames and for the living area I went with black.  

I knew I wanted 2 larger pieces for above my couch and when I was searching a lot of options out there were over what I wanted to spend.  Once I looked at Desenio I was thrilled that I Could not only get the two large pieces in my budget but also frames.  

Finding cool and unique art is quite the task.  Desenio made it simple.  I toyed with the idea of doing a gallery wall and love that on their website you can create a mock gallery wall! It really helps to be able to see all your picks next to each other in their various sizes and layouts.  

Want to see what I picked!? I am loving the fun and whimsy of the art prints I chose but they are also inviting and don’t over power my space.  


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